Mont-Tremblant is most famous for its skiing at Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, which is about 7 miles north from the main street, "rue de saint-jovite" aKA "Downtown mont-tremblant."  This main street has many shops, Restaurants, and Cafes.  at the foot of the mountain is the actual ski village, called "the pedestrian village."  Many dining and shopping options are located here as well including the casino nearby. the "old Village" Mont-tremblant is within a few miles and provides many of the same amenities.

Go to the Mont-Tremblant official tourism site for more information! 


the distance from Suite #858 to these areas is:

Ski Mountain / pedestrian village - 6 miles

rue de saint jovite (downtown) - 1 mile

old village - 6 miles


All locations are accessible by the bus stop across the street from the building. Current bus information.

The market down the street sells bus tickets.  From the Suite, make a right out of the parking lot, next left onto Rue Labelle, the market is on the left prior to the main street of Saint Jovite.  Address is:

  • Marché Jovi (Axep): 636, rue Labelle

Old Village area

view traveling from old village to pedestrian village

pedestrian village located at the base of the ski slopes


The following are a few examples of nearby Restaurants, Cafes, and Pubs in walking distance from Suite #858.  There are many others at the Pedestrian Village and the Old Village.  please refer to the custom map located in the suite for more information!


Within 1 Block of Suite #858

Maison De La Gare (Café, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch)

958 Rue Labelle, Mont Tremblant

Downtown Mont-Tremblant (Most are Located 1 Mile South of Suite #858)

Restaurant L'escalope (French)

597 Rue De Saint-Jovite, Mont Tremblant

Le Cheval de Jade (French Organic, Vegetarian)

688 Rue De Saint-Jovite, Mont Tremblant

C'est la Vie (French Grill, Fondue)

708 Rue De Saint-Jovite, Mont Tremblant

Mille Pates (Italian, Café)

780 Rue De St-Jovite, Mont Tremblant

Seb L'Artisan Culinaire (French Fusion)

444 Rue Saint Georges, Mont Tremblant

Le Grill (Steakhouse)

890 Rue De St-Jovite, Mont Tremblant



There is a never ending list of activities to do in the spring/summer and winter.  please click below for more information.